The Idea

The lighter side of life was created and turned into the heart of the campaign. It took people on a magical journey to a whimsical dairy farm where they could discover the secret to Where Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly comes from. The television commercial captured the lighter side of what happens when you combine SA’s best loved chocolate with a burst of bubbles both inside and out. Green pastures, floating cows and a friendly South Africa farmer told the Bubbly story.

The Brief

Can another aerated chocolate bar compete with Nestlé’s Aero? Kraft answered “Yes” and embarked on an exciting journey with the development of the new Cadbury Dairy Bubbly. Using a 360º integrated approach, we needed to drive awareness and introduce the bubbly new member of the Cadbury family into their lives.

The Microsite

The floating cows had a starring role on quirky rich media banners that lead users to the microsite. Once they arrived, we brought Bubbly to life by creating a design-rich microsite that users could interact with and share easily. The site used a parallax-scrolling technique to augment its visually compelling design. As the user scrolled up, the Bubbly bar ascended and began to unwrap, revealing the innovative bubble mould inside. Bubbles across the page contain snippets of information about the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly. At the top of the ascending page, users could view the Bubbly TVC and would then be prompted to share the page with their fellow chocolate lovers.

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Campaign Results Summary

After its debut in late July, Bubbly started flying off the shelves. Sales figures went through the roof, to the point where Kraft found it difficult to meet consumer demand. Overall, the campaign was an udder success with 2 500 new fans in the first month and well over 3 000 competition entries from 22 August to 12 September. Views of the bubbly commercial on Youtube shot to 4500 in no time and it seemed as if everyone was intrigued by the new addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk family.