The Idea

We created a character that was quirky, and campaign that was fully integrated across all channels. After gracing the cover of the September 2012 Dish magazine and making his debut on DStv in October, Javas Njongo became the talk of the town. People simply couldn’t get enough of the wise man’s unique brand of wisdom and it quickly became clear that everyone’s favourite know-it-all would need another platform to dispense his wise advice – a digital one. To make sure that Javas’s wisdom was available 24/7, we allowed fans to find solutions to their problems on the Javas website, be his friend on Facebook and even ask him questions on Twitter.

The Microsite

The development of Javas’s new home took nine pages of script, three shooting days, and 60 hours of post-production, resulting in 20 minutes of rendered footage. The 19 video clips were then incorporated into the Microsite with a responsive design approach that spread Javas’ wisdom far & wide ensuring accessibility on just about any device. We pulled out all the stops to create an immersive experience – crafting the project with seamless video interactions.

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Javas also had his own page on Facebook, where he dispensed advice, shared pictures and anecdotes of life on his island, and recommended DStv programming.



While the Javas site featured solutions to 12 different problems, the Twitter platform was even more extensive. Any question you can possibly think of, Javas had an answer at hand. Simply by identifying one of over 70 commonly-used words, Javas tweeted his video reply.


Campaign Results Summary

There were 11 524 visits to the microsite in under a month. 10 491 were unique visitors and 10% of them returned to view the content more than once, with 5% of them returning more than 3 times.
The Twitter-feed grew from 0 to 163 followers in 2 weeks. The Javas Njongo Facebook page gained 250 likes and referred 109 people to the microsite.