Campaign Overview

We were launching the new Golf 6 Cabriolet. Because the top comes down, you can experience a lot more.

But how do you show this in an innovative and engaging way?

We took over a taxi service’s built-in advertising screens, and mounted a wide-angled camera on the roof, pointed at the sky.

Live footage was fed to the monitor inside so that passengers could see what they were missing.

We created an online display ad. And instead of scrolling down, people scrolled up into the stratosphere. And beyond.

We created an experiential press insert. People peeled the top off the Golf Cabriolet. And smelled the lavender fields in the photo.

The campaign was an innovative demonstration of the Golf Cabriolet. Each idea enhanced consumer engagement.

And people got to experience a lot more.


Average engagement time was 2½ minutes.
The standard industry engagement time is 75 seconds.
That’s an increase of 100%.